Destiny 2 Player Solos Newest Raid Without Dying


Destiny 2 players have been known to beat some of the game’s hardest content solo, but this latest feat is one that has surprised and impressed many. Destiny 2 player Xemo was able to solo the game’s newest raid, Root of Nightmares, without a single death, which is often referred to as a “flawless” run by the game’s community.

Generally, Destiny 2’s top runners grind for hundreds of hours just to kill a single raid boss solo, as was the case with TheSnazzzyRock earlier this year. However, Root of Nightmares was quickly established as one of Destiny 2’s easiest raids ever, as it was completed just two hours after Lightfall’s launch by the team Hard in the Paint, and more than 100,000 players followed on day one.

Now, to be clear, that shouldn’t take away from Xemo’s achievement here, as they grinded for around 200 hours to make this run happen, and it required immaculate skill. However, it’s the fact that it’s achievable at all that’s somewhat surprising here. Xemo’s strategy involved using the Solar Warlock super Well of Radiance to soak up tons of damage, as well as a sword with the Eager Edge trait for improved mobility.

According to Reddit, at least one YouTuber posted a $1,000 bounty for this task, but it’s unclear if that was intended in seriousness. Either way, Xemo definitely deserves some major kudos for making it happen. It’s worth noting that it appears that Xemo benefited from missing a clutch shot on the boss, as it allowed him to continue his Radiant buff and survive the onslaught. A recent update for Lightfall buffed many types of rifles, including auto rifles, pulse rifles, scout rifles, and more.