Destiny 2: Into The Light Kicks Off In April With Two Months Of New Story Content


Destiny 2’s final season is also its longest, but players can look forward to new content before the arrival of The Final Shape expansion in June. Developer Bungie has officially announced that Into the Light will launch on April 9 alongside Update 7.3.6, adding new story content throughout April and May that paves the way for the final chapter in the Light and Darkness saga.

Destiny 2: Into the Light

Beyond that, Bungie is keeping quiet on what players can expect to see, but the new key art for Into the Light does tease another showdown with The Hive, possibly in what appears to be the Midtown PvP map set inside of the Last City. The new update will also deliver further tuning to Destiny 2 and quality-of-life updates, and Bungie says it’ll provide more details in three separate livestreams starting next week on its Twitch channel.

Players can also earn the “Those Held Dear” emblem by watching a livestream for at least 30 minutes, and watching for two hours in total will unlock the “Echo Diamond” emblem.

  • Livestream 1 — March 19, 10 AM PT
  • Livestream 2 — March 26, 10 AM PT
  • Livestream 3 — April 2, 10 AM PT

Since Season of the Wish’s storyline ended with Crow venturing into the heart of the Traveler, things have been mostly quiet in Destiny 2. Currently, the Guardian Games are live as players battle to see which class will walk away with bragging honors this year, and hoverboards have been added to the game.

For something a little strange in the neighborhood, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cosmetics are also available to purchase in Destiny 2–Sony owns both Bungie and the Ghostbusters IP, so this makes sense–and one of the items is an Ecto-1 makeover for your personal spaceship.