Deliver Us Mars Developer Lays Off Entire Studio, Will Attempt To Rebuild


KeokeN, the developer behind Deliver Us the Moon and Deliver Us Mars, has laid off its entire staff after running out of options for funding.

On Twitter, KeokeN explained why the layoffs occurred. CEO Koen Deetman and managing director Paul Deetman said that nothing substantial materialized after they had visited this year’s Game Developer Conference. Additionally, the studio ran out of options for publishing, work-for-hire, and co-development to raise extra funds.

KeokeN also revealed that the third entry in the series, Deliver Us Home, will be funded by Kickstarter and that a campaign is being prepared for it. Not much else is known about the next project, but the Deetmans insist on rebuilding the studio again “brick by brick.”

Deliver Us the Moon was first released in 2018, while its sequel, Deliver Us Mars, was released last year. The games are available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Layoffs and studio closures have run rampant since last year, and are only continuing to get worse in 2024.