Cult of the Lamb Update Revamps Enemies And Makes Combat More Challenging


Devolver Digital has revealed new details about Cult of the Lamb’s upcoming free update called Relics of the Old Faith. Final touches are being worked on and a release date is going to be announced soon.

In the new update, there will be new enemies and bosses added to the post-game. Additionally, many new combat mechanics have been added in order to give the game’s combat more depth and challenge. As such, each boss has been revamped with new attack patterns. There are also four new structures that players can build at their base, including a kitchen, crypt, shared shelter, and organized farm.

Cult of the Lamb has received some updates, such as the limited-time Blood Moon Festival Halloween event back in October. Fans of the game can preorder a Youtooz figure of the main character and they are expected to ship in July. The game was also nominated for Best Game, Best Game Design, and Best Original Property on the 2023 BAFTA Games Awards list.

In GameSpot’s Cult of the Lamb review, we said, “Cult of the Lamb merges the best parts of a roguelike with all the charms of a real-time simulation game in a delightfully macabre ceremony you don’t want to miss.”