Crochet Creator Crafts Functional DDR Pad


You can now dance dance away with your fingers using some tech wizardry plus crochet. TikTok creator kims_threads (Via Polygon) posted a tutorial explained how they made a functional DDR pad by crocheting yarn, weaving conductive thread in-between the crocheted pattern, and plugging the creation into the open-source software project Arduino. They then shows footage of them playing DDR with their fingers.

As Polygon points out, you could enlarge the project in theory by crocheting granny squares, making a cozy and customizable full-size DDR mat. Such a mat would need some extra work or a base mat to place under it so that it wouldn’t slip around while you are trying to dance.

@kims_threads I followed a tutorial by Andy Clark on but had to make lots of adjustments to suit my project. This was a cool project, I might do more with Arduinos #arduino #ddrtiktok #crochet #crochettok ♬ on & on – piri & tommy

Kims_threads has yet to upload a pattern for the creation, though they might, as they sell several other patterns on her Etsy shop. However, they used a tutorial from Popular Science as a baseline for their own creation. With some trial, error, and ingenuity, you could make your very own crochet DDR pad.

This is just one of Kims_threads video game/tech-themed projects, which include a knit Animal Crossing beanie and a AR-enabled, crochet Tamagochi tapestry.

Fun fact: crochet, unlike knitting, cannot be done by machines (yet). I’ll believe the robot overlords are coming for us when they can crochet a DDR pad of their very own.

Video credit: kims_threads via Tiktok