Counter-Strike Modder Releases Impressive Roguelike Mode For Laughs


Counter-Strike 2 isn’t here yet, but it’s already produced an unexpected result for fans–the release of a roguelike mod for CS:GO. Yes, the biggest multiplayer shooter of the moment now has a surprisingly in-depth run-based mode in the style of games like Hades and The Binding of Isaac, and you can play it right now.

Titled Rogue, the mode is the brainchild of Counter-Strike modder Orel. In the release notes for the mod, Orel says that they’ve worked on it as a “labor of love,” but the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2 has inspired them to release it in a sort of Early Access state. The modder thinks that it’s likely that the transition to the new version will essentially break Rogue as it currently exists, so fans might as well try it now.

The mode includes eight playable characters, booster packs, cards, and spendable XP, as well as hordes of enemies to slay. It can be played single-player or with a group of up to three friends. Altogether, though it is clearly unfinished, it’s an interesting experiment, and certainly worth checking out if you enjoy roguelike games.

Counter-Strike 2 is coming Summer 2023. According to Valve, it will revamp every aspect of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you’re interested in participating in the CS2 Beta Limited Test, check out our guide.