Controller Charger Deals – Official Xbox Play And Charge Kit, Energizer Batteries For Cheap, And More


In a battery race, the official Xbox Wireless Controller easily trumps most of its competition. Still, there’s a good chance that your controller has run out of juice at the worst possible time, but fortunately, Target Circle Week is here and there are several deals on right now for spare batteries. These discounts will automatically be applied if you’re logged into your Circle account, and membership is free for this program. There’s also some hard-to-beat deals on Xbox wireless controllers at Target right now, so if you want to double up on hardware and batteries, this is a good time to do so.

You can either stick with AA batteries or opt for a rechargeable solution to keep your Xbox controllers going

First up, the most basic solution: fresh batteries. The Xbox controller can use both normal AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack, and some Xbox players prefer to throw in a few Duracell or Energizer batteries when they’re in a pinch. Target is offering a 24-pack of long-lasting Energizer batteries for $18, although you can get the same deal at Amazon for only $14.

The other option is to purchase a rechargeable battery pack, and there’s a good mix of official and third-party accessories available. These are sold separately–Xbox wireless controllers do include a pair of AA batteries to help you get started–but they’re more economical in the long run. The official Xbox play and charge kit is down from $25 to $20 this week, while the PowerA dual-charging station has been discounted to $24 this week.

Controller charger deals for Xbox, PS5, Switch

This is a pretty good purchase, as not only do you get a dock to keep your controllers charged, you also get two rechargeable battery packs. You can always leave one controller to recharge while using the freshly charged one, ensuring that you won’t run out of power during a game. Or if you just need the batteries, PowerA’s two-pack of Xbox rechargeable batteries is on sale for $15.

Nintendo and PlayStation users aren’t being left out this week either, as charging docks for the Joy-Con and DualSense controllers are also on sale. Nintendo owners can choose between dual and quad-chargers, while the PowerA charging station for a pair of DualSense controllers looks pretty stylish.

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