CoD: Warzone Players Can Get Personalized Warzone Legacy Stat Videos


The new Warzone 2.0 arrives on November 16, but players can request a personalized video to highlight some stats and memories from their time in Call of Duty’s current battle royale.

Activision hasn’t announced any fancy events or playlists to say goodbye to the first iteration of Warzone, but players can go to the MyWarzoneLegacy website to request a personalized video containing some of their Warzone stats, and it even highlights some of their top squadmates as well. Those looking to memorialize their stats will just need their Activision ID, and then the site will generate a video that can be downloaded and shared to various social media sites.

The Warzone Legacy video is a two-minute clip that is personalized to include a few notable stats, such as the first time a player dropped into a match, a player’s most-used weapon category, their top squadmates, the teammate who died the most, and more. This will cover stats for the entirety of Warzone, spanning all maps from Verdansk to Fortune’s Keep.

The option to score a Warzone Legacy video is a limited-time offer, as the site says videos must be claimed by November 30.

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Additionally, Activision announced Call of Duty will have a “full premium release” in 2023, but a new report claims the release will be a Modern Warfare 2 expansion.