CoD: Warzone And MW3 Patch Notes Include Major DG-58 LSW Nerf And Killstreak Fixes


A new update arrived to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone on June 4. The patch notes include a major nerf to one of Warzone’s most popular guns, fixes for killstreaks in multiplayer, and more.

For Modern Warfare 3, the Infected game mode received a few fixes and was returned to the Quick Play filter and private matches. Season 4’s new BlackCell Identity Theft finishing move should now work as expected on Infected team members, scores should properly display, and a previous disconnect error should be corrected.

Escort mode also received a fix that previously caused an inaccurate timer to display when a player joined a match in progress.

The patch notes include adjustments for two killstreaks. The Cluster Mine streak should now properly contribute towards a player’s killstreak earn progress, and the DNA Bomb is earnable by players using scorestreaks when they reach the streak’s requirement of a 25 killstreak.

A small Zombies update addressed an exploit that previously allowed players to bypass the mode’s stash size limits, and the DNA samples for the Critical Countdown Event can now be collected in Dark Aether Rifts.

On the Warzone side, the popular DG-58 LSW light machine gun was drastically nerfed, with the weapon’s minimum damage decreased from 27 to 22, and the maximum damage range dropped from 29.21 to 17.78 meters.

The developer says this adjustment was made because the DG-58 LSW was “a bit too dominant at range,” so a gradual damage falloff was added to keep the gun competitive at close-mid encounters, but it falls off slightly in long-range fights.

The update also changes the Season 4 Warzone Rewards challenge for Plunder. The challenge was previously requiring players to collect a specific amount of cash and not tracking progress, but the challenge has been changed to require players to complete 20 Plunder games instead. Hopefully, this new requirement is tracking properly.

The full patch notes for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 can be found below, as shared by Activision.

In other Call of Duty news, Black Ops 6 has been officially announced, and game details will arrive on June 9 during the Xbox games showcase.



  • Prompt to restart the game after changing your Activision ID now functions as expected.



  • Bug Fixes
    • While the Looping Killstreaks modifier is active (Season 4.0), the earn progress HUD widget will now reappear after earning the highest Killstreak.
    • Corrected placeholder images in the Killstreaks and Equipment tabs of the Armory Unlocks menu.
    • Addressed an exploit allowing Custom Mods to be saved with multiple Attachments equipped to a single category.
    • Weekly Challenges menu now displays the correct Season 3 Camo name.
    • Tokyo map now displays the correct name in the Combat Record.


  • Critical Countdown DNA samples will no longer appear in Private Matches.


  • Escort
    • Joining a match in progress will no longer display an inaccurate timer.
  • Infected
    • Identity Theft Finishing Move now works as expected on Infected team members.
    • Inaccurate Scores are no longer displayed when a match ends with few players.
    • Fixed an issue causing matches to disconnect with a Connection Timed Out error.

Infected has returned to the Quick Play filter and Private Matches.

  • One in the Chamber
    • Fixed an issue causing poor performance during the Final Killcam.


Submachine Guns

  • Superi 46
    • Terminal V and Atoll-Z4 Suppressed Barrel Attachments now hide operator position from the minimap as intended.


  • RGL-80
    • Decreased camera shake dealt to victims upon explosive damage by 60%.


  • Cluster Mine
    • Fixed an issue preventing kills from contributing to Killstreak earn progress while the Streaks Earn Streaks modifier is active (Season 4.0).
  • DNA Bomb
    • Players using Scorestreaks now earn the DNA Bomb at 25 Kills, as expected.



  • Fixed an issue preventing Strike Team Operator customization after recruitment.


  • Sergeant’s Beret companion will no longer shoot the Server during a Ground Station contract.
  • DNA samples for the Critical Countdown Event can now be collected in Dark Aether Rifts.
  • Addressed an exploit bypassing Stash size limits involving Elder Sigils.


  • Warzone Rewards
    • Under the Mode challenges, the Plunder challenge has been changed to “Complete 20 Plunder Games.”


  • Medical Cabinets
    • Perk Packs can now drop from medical cabinets.
  • Precision Airstrikes
    • Precision Airstrikes have been reverted back to their previous functionality prior to Season 4.





  • Min Damage decreased to 22, down from 27.
  • Max Damage Range decreased to 17.78 meters, down from 29.21.
  • New Damage Ranges Added
    • Near-Mid Damage set to 27
    • Near-Mid Damage Range set to 30.48 meters.
    • Mid Damage set to 25
    • Mid Damage Range set to 45.72 meters.

The DG-58 LSW was a bit too dominant at range, so we have introduced a gradual damage falloff which keeps it competitive at those close-mid encounters, but now falls off slightly as you approach those long range fights.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Bomb Drone UI to remain on the players screen.
  • Fixed an issue preventing controller players from opening the “Manage Party” function when their squad is full.