Celeste Developer’s Next Game Earthblade Delayed Out Of This Year


Celeste developer Extremely Ok Game has announced that its next game, Earthblade, will not be released in 2024.

“More on the process in the following paragraphs, but first we need to face the music: This game ain’t coming out in 2024,” director Maddy Thorson said in an update. “We had hoped to be announcing a firm release date around now, but it just isn’t in the cards.”

Thorson assured that development is still going smoothly. The studio also revealed that it had hired veteran indie developer Kyle Pulver, who has released games such as Bonesaw and Everyone Loves Active 2.

Earthblade was announced back in 2021 and it’s billed as an “exploration action” game with lush pixel art, seamless exploration, and challenging combat. The game follows Nevoa, an enigmatic child who is returning to to a ruined Earth where players must travel the remnants of the planet, piecing together its history while encountering friends and foes alike.

So far, Earthblade has only been confirmed for a PC release via Steam. However, Celeste was put on multiple platforms, so it’s likely that Earthblade will eventually follow suit.