Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 Adds Alice, Mad Hatter, And Armored Cinderella With Fairytale Theme


The first season of the new year brings a fairytale theme to Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty’s latest blog post details what players can expect for Season 1, including folklore-themed operator skins and weapon blueprints, a brand-new battle pass, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: Soldier’s Tale arrives on January 10 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. This new season includes a brand-new battle pass with 50 tiers of free and premium items, including new operator skins, weapon blueprints, CoD Points, and various cosmetics themed around popular fairy tales.

Highlights of the free battle pass tiers include a new tactical item and sniper rifle. The new Trip Sensor Tactical item is unlocked at Tier 14, and it is used to set traps against enemies. At Tier 21, players unlock the new LW3-Tundra sniper rifle, which is a bolt-action weapon capable of one-shot eliminations.

The premium pass for Soldier’s Tale includes operator skins that are themed around Alice, Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. Weapon blueprints have similar fairytale themes with the Caterpillar’s Poetry blueprint for the Striker submachine gun, the Dragon’s Roar for the ICR assault rifle, the Red Queen’s Rebuke blueprint for the new LW3-Tundra sniper, and more.

The map being added for Season 1 is Atrium, which is a small map originally introduced in Modern Warfare 2019. There’s also a new seasonal event called 1001 Blades. Players can work to complete missions to earn Steel and Bronze Dagger items, allowing them to progress along a reward track. The free items available to earn include the Mad Hatter’s Revenge weapon blueprint for the FFAR 1 assault rifle and the Soldier Royal operator skin for Zero.

As always with seasonal updates, players can expect additional content and quality-of-life improvements with Season 1, including new seasonal challenges, store bundles, and more.

A few store bundles are revealed for Season 1, including the Templar Wolfen Raider bundle with a wolf-themed operator skin and the Fiona St. George: Shattered Glass bundle with an armored Cinderella operator skin.

The midseason update for MW3 and Warzone also arrives this month, bringing more weapons, a new MP map, Ranked Play, and new game modes.