Buildable Pokemon Collectibles Get Massive Discounts – Charizard, Gyarados, Pikachu, And More


Lego might be the brand that comes to mind when you think about building blocks, but Mega has some pretty darn cool building kits, too. Take this Pokemon set from the manufacturer for example, which gives you everything you need to not just build a Charizard for your display, but a pretty good-looking one as well. On sale at Amazon, this set has been discounted by more than 50% and is available for only $64.

Mega’s Charizard is an official Pokemon product.

Inside the box, you’ll find over 1,600 pieces with which to construct Charizard, creating a highly detailed and poseable version of the iconic Pokemon. There are even some neat mechanical elements in this build, and once you’re done, you can turn the crank to watch Charizard move back and forth. These features extend to its wings and the base below it and there are interchangeable name plates for this diorama piece included as well.

As any true Pokemon fan knows, one pocket monster is never enough. For those of you who want to build them all, Mega has a bunch of other Pokemon sets available for purchase, and most of them have been discounted. Each one features a fascinating amount of mechanical complexity and game-accurate designs, allowing you to build your own collection of Pokemon to display at home. Fans can pick up some dynamic figures of Gyarados, Pikachu, Butterfree, and Lapras, while other Mega kits are more kid-friendly in their design and challenge level.

The Gyarados set includes a buildable display case with an animated ocean environment, Butterfree can fly with its crank-operated wings, and Pikachu will start running once you turn its crank. Or for a completely different universe of building block potential, you can join Geralt of Rivia for a hunt in this Witcher 3 set. You can see all of these Mega building kits and more in the list below.

  • Charizard (1,664 pieces) — $64 ($140)
  • Gyarados (2,186 pieces) — $120 ($172)
  • Machamp (399 pieces) — $30
  • Dugtrio (343 pieces) — $30
  • Pikachu (1,092 pieces) — $75 ($97)
  • Golbat (313 pieces) — $30
  • Forest Center (648 pieces) – $37 ($80)
  • Lapras (527 pieces) – $25 ($55)
  • Pokemon Countryside Windmill (240 pieces) – $15 ($33)
  • Butterfree (605 pieces) – $33 ($65)
  • The Witcher: Geralt’s Griffin Hunt (431 pieces) — $49 ($110)