Bethesda Is Offering One Lucky Person A Chance To Win A Real-Life Custom Starfield Spacesuit


To celebrate last year’s release of Starfield, Xbox has teamed up with the European Space Agency to offer a one-of-a-kind spacesuit for one lucky fan to wear when they’re hopping around Bethesda’s digital galaxy. What’s the catch? This needs to be a spacesuit based on your very own design, as the winning entry will be brought to life by the ESA.

To help you out with your interstellar fashion pursuit, you’ll be able to make use of templates on the Xbox website. Otherwise, you’re free to submit an original illustration using traditional, digital, or 3D-rendered techniques.

Finally, 10 years of art school is about to pay off.

The final design has to fit in with the NASA-punk aesthetics of Starfield as Xbox, Bethesda and the ESA want to know what you would wear in outer space and how it would reflect your personality in that universe.

The winner of this contest will then receive a full replica of their design, complete with an authentic ESA patch. The contest is now open and ends on February 24, and for a more detailed breakdown on the rules, you can click this link.

Several months after it first launched, Starfield just received its biggest update to date. The patch is now live through the Steam Beta program and has seen a sizable number of bugs fixed, several quality-of-life adjustments made, and NPCs should have a more authentic blinking cadence. Bethesda plans to update the game every six weeks as it continues to grow its brand-new IP.