Before Your Eyes Is Coming To PSVR 2 On March 10


Skybound Entertainment has announced that Before Your Eyes will be coming to PSVR 2 on March 10. The news was revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play stream.

The trailer starts with a character explaining how you’ll see the “Gatekeeper” so it can judge your life. The same character explains how he wants you to show him your life from the beginning.

As the trailer progresses, we see different stages of the player’s life, starting from when they were a baby and spanning to their adulthood.

Before Your Eyes uses an eye-tracker to gauge whenever you’ve blinked. When you’ve done so throughout specific moments in the game, you’ll go forward in time, with no way of replaying them back. In addition to that, decisions can be made in-game based on when and where you decide to blink, altering how certain things play out.

Before this announcement, the only way to play Before Your Eyes was on PC or mobile via Netflix’s gaming service. In addition to that, Before Your Eyes was also one of our top games of 2021.

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