Beat Saber Support On Meta Quest 1 Ends In November


Developer Beat Games has announced that Beat Saber support on Meta Quest 1 headsets will come to an end on November 2, 2024.

On the game’s FAQ page, the developer said it was cutting support on Meta Quest 1 to focus more on making Beat Saber the best it could be. The game will still be playable on Meta Quest 1, but there will no longer be any multiplayer functionality and leaderboards may be phased out in the future.

Updates will also no longer be pushed out for Meta Quest 1 and customer support will be unavailable for them as well. If players want to access the PC version of Beat Saber on their Meta Quest 1, they can do so by using the Meta Quest link.

All Beat Saber content, including DLC, is transferable across the Meta Quest and Rift platform. Beat Saber supports cross-buy between all Meta headset devices. Quest 1 support hasn’t been offered on many new VR releases in recent years as support has shifted to the more recent headsets

Beat Saber was first released in 2019 for PS4, PC, and Meta Quest, and has gotten plenty of content support since then, such as Linkin Park DLC. It also got a PS5 port in 2023 so that it could be played on PSVR 2.

In GameSpot’s Beat Saber review, we said, “Beat Saber is an exhilarating rush and an exhausting game to play in the best way. It has great music that is more varied than you might expect, complemented by smartly designed levels that marry their complex patterns perfectly to the beat.”