Battle Shapers Release Date Set For October In New Gameplay Trailer


A new trailer for Battle Shapers has gone live, showing off more of the game’s roguelite action, colorful art direction, and confirming an early access release date of October 3 on PC via Steam, GameSpot can exclusively reveal. The first game from studio Metric Empire, Battle Shapers mixes some fast and furious gunplay with boss fights that allow you to harvest the abilities of fallen enemies.

As Ada, a Battle Shaper revived to topple the powerful Overlords who have taken over the city of New Elysium, you’ll need to run and gun your way through hordes of robotic enemies.

You’ll also have a helpful ally named Meemo feeding you valuable intel as you enter each Overlord tower and fight your way to the top in Battle Shapers. Develop your arsenal of weapons, unlock new abilities and permanent upgrades, explore each tower, and eventually defeat the boss at the top. Death is not the end in case your attempt ends in disaster, and each run will allow you to smash your way through their trap-ridden towers with more permanent upgrades that you unlock along the way.

Metric Empire says that it will continue to refine and expand the game by adding more content and features while collaborating with the community to fine-tune the experience. “We’re eager to not only deliver a fascinating and exciting blend of gameplay, we want to do so with a high level of polish,” design director Pier-Luc Papineau explained. “A good first impression is key so we want to collaborate with our community to make sure that we deliver a title they can be proud of and excited to share with others!”

Like other games in the roguelite genre, Battle Shapers is all about achieving that one perfect run, and as you gain new powers from defeated Overlords, the game begins to increase in difficulty. You’ll need to carefully manage your health, shields, and upgrades if you want to save New Elysium and emerge as the ultimate robotic killing machine.