Batman: Arkham Shadow Announced, Coming Exclusively To Meta Quest 3


Almost a decade has passed since Rocksteady Studios wrapped up its Dark Knight trilogy in Batman: Arkham Knight, but at long last, a new game set in that universe has been revealed for Meta Quest 3. The Caped Crusader will be swinging back into action in a new virtual reality game developed by Republique and Iron Man VR studio Camouflaj.

The studio says that it is aiming to capture the feel of the Arkham series, and a full reveal will be shown in the months to come. You can get a glimpse of the direction that the studio is going in with the cinematic trailer below, which teases Batman taking on his greatest foe yet: too many damn rats.

“We are committed to building upon the beloved foundation laid by the legendary team at Rocksteady, and driven to do it justice,” Camouflaj said in a press release. “Batman: Arkham Shadow is being crafted to be the ultimate VR game and take full advantage of Meta Quest 3. Leaning into our eight years of dedicated VR game development history has enabled us to not only create a distinctly Arkham-feeling game but done in a way that leverages the immersive magic only VR can provide.”

This isn’t the first time that Batman and VR have crossed paths, as back in 2016, Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham VR for PS4. That was the final appearance of the studio’s Batman until the release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this year, with the Dark Knight’s role in that game being criticized by fans.

Footage of a Batman game based on the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight film also recently surfaced online, showing how developer Monolith planned to put its own spin on the comic book character before the project was scrapped and elements from it were used to develop Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.