Arcade1Up Golden Tee 35th Anniversary Arcade Cabinet Revealed, Preorder Now


Arcade1Up has previously released two Golden Tee cabinets, but those proved quite popular and are difficult to find at most retailers. Now, the manufacturer is bringing Golden Tee back with the upcoming launch of the Golden Tee 3D 35th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine. Preorders are available now ahead of the home arcade cabinet’s May 9 release date–and if this model is as popular as the last two, you’ll want to reserve a unit ahead of time, just to be safe.

Here’s a look at the full game list on the Golden Tee 35th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade:

  • Golden Tee 3D (95)
  • Golden Tee ‘97
  • Golden Tee ‘98
  • Golden Tee ‘99
  • Golden Tee 2K
  • Golden Tee Classic
  • Shuffle Shot
  • World Class Bowling

While the majority of the games are golf sims, it’s nice to have the option to play something like World Class Bowling if you ever need a break from hitting the links. Like the Golden Tee games you may have played in restaurants and bars, this Golden Tee cabinet is mainly controlled with a large trackball.

Other notable features include a light-up marquee, 3D faux molded coin doors for an authentic appearance, and anti-tip straps that anchor it to a wall for added security. The Golden Tee 3D 35th Anniversary Deluxe Cabinet is priced at $500, which is par for the course for many Arcade1Up home arcade cabinets. It’ll likely see a discount down the line–but if you want to be among the first to add it to their game room, be sure to preorder it soon.