Apple’s Gorgeous 5K Monitor Gets Big Discount At Amazon


If content creation is your bread and butter, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for a display to help you create the best videos and images possible. There’s no shortage of these to pick from, but if you’re a fan of Apple, the company’s Apple Studio Display screens are probably very tempting. Like many other Apple products, they’re also expensive, but right now you can score a sweet and pretty uncommon deal on this powerful, 27-inch Apple monitor.

Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display

Amazon has marked down the price of these high-quality displays by a significant amount, discounting them by $300-$400. There’s no getting around the fact that these are luxury purchases even with a reduced price, as these monitors are very much a perfect example of needing something and wanting something. After all, why have a 4K monitor when you can show off with a 5K display instead? When you see one in real life, it’ll probably be hard to go back to regular monitors. The Apple Studio Display has an exceptional build quality, accurate colors for any creative task, and surprisingly powerful built-in speakers. Pair it with a discounted Mac Mini running an M2 chipset, and you’ve got a stylish setup to help you power through tasks for years to come.

These are decently sized screens as well at 27 inches. Just be aware that the glass panel design of the base model, while offering phenomenal brightness and clarity, is more susceptible to glares than conventional monitors. If you work in a space with lots of natural light, you may want to spring for the Apple Studio Display with Nano-Texture glass. This technology disperses light to combat glares.

Apple Mac Mini Deals

For an all-in-one solution that’s compact and portable, you should also check out the 2024 MacBook Air with an M3 chip (on sale for $989, normally priced at $1,099), the MacBook Air with M2 for $849 (normally $999), or the M3 Pro chip MacBook Pro which has been discounted by $200.