Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro Headset Has Reportedly Been Met With Low Demand Since Launch


The Apple Vision Pro–a $3,500 mixed-reality headset–reportedly isn’t selling too well and demand for the high-tech device is lower than expected, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via IGN). This has reportedly led Apple to make big production cuts, and it has been suggested that demand for the device has been weak in the US.


Apple has cut its Vision Pro shipments to 400,000-450,000 units, according to the report, and Ming-Chi Kuo has speculated that the company may not release a cheaper Vision Pro model in 2025. It has been claimed that Apple is predicting a year-on-year decline for the headset in 2025. “The challenge for Vision Pro is to address the lack of key applications, price, and headset comfort without sacrificing the see-through user experience,” Ming-Chi Kuo wrote.

When it first launched, critics praised the impressive hardware inside of the Apple Vision Pro while highlighting some serious shortcomings. The high price was the most obvious point of criticism, but the mediocre battery life, lack of killer apps on launch day, and performance bugs emphasized how Apple was catering to a niche audience of technophiles. Critics did agree that the Vision Pro provides a tempting peek into the future of mixed-reality computing, but one that is overshadowed by more affordable alternatives.

In other virtual reality news, Sony revealed back in February that it’s planning to add PC compatibility to its PlayStation VR2 headset later this year.