Alone In The Dark Gets Its First Big Discount For PS5 And Xbox Series X


Where some people see a bad game, others see flawed gold. That might be the case for you with Alone in the Dark, a remake of a classic survival-horror game that hasn’t received good reviews. Even with the star power of Jodie Comer and David Harbour, reviews have been less than kind to this reboot, but if you want to check it out for yourself, at least you can get a pretty big discount for it right now. Normally $60, Alone in the Dark is on sale for $40 currently.

Alone in the Dark

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Buy Alone in the Dark for Xbox Series X

At Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, the PS5 version has been marked down to $40, a nice $20 savings in total. The Xbox Series X edition is also available for $40, but only at Best Buy.

Alone in the Dark does have some compelling components, as its reality-bending story, abundant lore, and reverence for its source material make for a fun turn-of-the-century horror game.

Where the game falters is with its uneven selection of puzzles, as these range from deviously challenging to annoyingly obtuse. The combat is passable and the cast delivers an effective performance to help sell the game’s story, so if you’re in it for the story and lore, you may have a good time.

“This isn’t Alone in the Dark’s first revival attempt, and it’s probably not its last, but it isn’t the one that will put the series’ name in the same breath as the all-time greats it originally helped inspire,” Mark Delaney wrote in GameSpot’s Alone in the Dark review.

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