A New Konami Code For Castlevania Was Discovered 25 Years After Its Release


Konami, the publisher behind critically acclaimed franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania, earned a reputation for stashing cheat codes for many of its older games. Just recently, fans of 1999 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness discovered a previously unknown code that gives the name new life.

In a video explained by JupiterClimb (via The Gamer), a YouTuber who makes Metroidvanias and Konami games, this code makes it “the definitive way to play Castlevania.” All players have to do is input the original code twice, which is: C-Up x4, C-Down x4, C-Left x2, C-Right x2, C-Left x2, C-Right x2, L, R, Z. After doing this, players will unlock all playable characters alongside their alt uniforms. Prior to this, the only way to unlock all the characters was by beating the game twice.

It’s also worth mentioning that this code unlocks the game’s hard mode. To get it, all players must do is reach a save point, quit, and reload. Once they’ve done that, they can play the game on hard. That’s not the only code that was newly discovered. Another allows players to max out their inventory, while another one gives players 99 jewels, and the last one maxes out the power of the player’s weapons and sub-weapons. It’s worth noting that these two codes formerly worked only with the PAL and JPN versions of the game.

These codes were discovered by Moises and LiquidCat, who are both members of the Castlevania 64 Discord server. Moises was able to find this cheat by looking through the game’s code, while LiquidCat discovered what the code actually did.

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