A Competitive Avatar: The Last Airbender Fighting Game Is In Development


A “competitive fighting game” set in Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender universe is now in development, with a targeted release date of 2025.

The game is coming from publisher Maximum Games, which announced a partnership with Paramount Game Studios and the upcoming fighter as part of its 2024 roadmap.

As for additional details, there aren’t many at this time, aside from the fact it will be a “competitive” fighter and is slated to release in early access next year. No other information, including what style of fighting game it will be, who will be developing the project, or what platforms it will be available on, has been announced.

Maximum Games until last year consisted of multiple different game publishers (Maximum Games, Modus Games, Just For Games, and Merge Games) and now operates under a single entity, one that will develop and publish games under the Maximum Games name. Games published by Maximum Games (or published by one of the previous four publishers that now make up the company) include 2018’s Super Animal Royale, 2021’s Cris Tales, 2022’s Soulstice, and, notably, the stylish 2D fighter Them Fighting Herds.

Them Fighting Herds developer Mane6 was acquired by Modus Games (now Maximum Games) in 2022, and has since continued to work on and expand the My Little Pony-inspired fighting game. Maximum Games has not announced what studio will be developing its Avatar fighter, but it could make sense for Mane6 to tackle the project. As is planned for the Avatar fighter, Them Fighting Herds also first released in early access prior to its 1.0 launch in 2020.

Avatar isn’t a stranger to the fighting game genre. Multiple characters from the beloved animated series (soon to be a live-action show from Netflix) featured Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and its 2023 sequel. The most recent Avatar game, Avatar: The Last Airbender: Quest For Balance, released in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.