A Batman Game Was Canceled Due To Leaks, Voice Actor Says


A voice actor who claims to have worked on a canceled Batman game has said Warner Bros. scuttled the project due to leaks. Josh Keaton said on a recent Twitch livestream that he was going to play Damian Wayne in an upcoming game from WB Games Montreal that we first learned about in 2016. Keaton said he did a few voice sessions for this game, but after the leaks, the higher-ups reportedly pulled the plug.

“They leaked everything, the whole plotline, not only the enemies and villains and the rogues gallery, but also the concept art for them. They were doing such a different take on so many of the rogues gallery it gave away everything that was different about the game. So, it kinda sucked,” he said (via IGN). “The leaks killed the project. The leaks totally killed the project.”

Also during the livestream, Keaton said the Damian Wayne game was going to be a “totally different thing” and would not exist in the Arkhamverse.

Concept art from the rumored Damian Wayne Batman game emerged online years ago, providing a peek at what the game could look like. Games often go into production and then do not move ahead, for any number of reasons.

The game company Blizzard, for example, cancels about 50% of the games it works on. PlayStation, meanwhile, is known to cancel “so many games” as part of the creative process. Sony reportedly canceled a Days Gone sequel and a new Uncharted game.

While the Damian Wayne game might not be moving ahead, the next big DC release is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (February 2), which will be followed by a Wonder Woman game.