9 Years On, The Witcher 3 Players Are Still Finding Little Secrets


Nine years after launch, someone has found another Witcher 3 Easter egg. The tidbit is hidden under the city of Novigrad, but it’s hard to get to.

YouTuber xLetralis posted a video (via IGN) of how to find the Easter egg, which is simple but difficult to find. You can see the image on a hill slope next to the city wall that is impossible to reach by normal means. It depicts a solider of Temaria (one of the fictional nations in The Witcher) pointing to the viewer like a recruitment poster with the caption “CDPR needs you,” referring to developer CD Projekt Red.

The Easter egg image below Novigrad

As for finding the Easter egg, one of xLetralis’ viewers claimed that they ran towards the NPC Dijkstra and then triggered dialogue with him, clipping through the wall during the transition. XLetralis was unable to recreate this. Instead, he stood next to the aforementioned wall and clipped through using the “phase” console command.

The Witcher 3 is no stranger to bizarre and difficult-to-find Easter eggs. One from the expansion Blood and Wine takes seven in-game years to uncover. An official mod editor is also on the way for the game, set to release sometime this year. CD Projekt Red has also stated it is considering Cyberpunk and Witcher mobile games.