8BitDo’s Commodore-Inspired PC Gaming Keyboard Comes With An Arcade Stick


8BitDo has revealed a new addition to its line of retro-themed mechanical keyboards, and this time, the company has been inspired by the Commodore 64. Like the Famicom and NES gaming keyboards, the Commodore 64 edition is a tenkeyless device with a portable form factor. It can be used wirelessly via 2.4GHz or Bluetooth or plugged in through its USB connection, has hot-swappable PCB keys, and has 87 keys in total.

You can even map different functions to the buttons without the need for software, but like other 8BitDo products, tinkering with the keyboard through 8BitDo’s dedicated software does make the device very versatile.

In case you’d like to get one of the other keyboards offered by the accessory manufacturer, 8BitDo is offering the Fami Edition and NES-inspired N Edition for $90 each at Amazon. These keyboards offer a lot of value for money, look great, and are quite durable in case you plan to travel with them.