Xbox Unveils Astral Purple Controller, Preorders Live Now


The latest Xbox special-edition controller has been officially revealed, and for anyone looking for a rich splash of color, the Astral Purple version looks to be an eye-catching alternative to the traditional Carbon Black or Robot White controllers. Like other Xbox wireless controllers, the Astral Purple release features the signature array of face buttons, analog sticks, black hybrid D-Pad, bumpers, and triggers, as well as a clean white back case that makes the shade of purple stand out more.

The Xbox Astral Purple controller is available tp preorder today for $65 ahead of its October 3 release.

Xbox Astral Purple controller

This is just the latest of several special-edition Xbox controllers released this year so far, as 2023 has already seen Stormcloud Vapor, Starfield, Sunkissed Vibes, Arctic Camo, Velocity Green, and Stellar Shift variants. Beyond the more vibrant designs and gradients, these are still the same Xbox wireless controllers mechanically. The fourth generation that was introduced with the Xbox Series X|S consoles in late 2020, these controllers have more refined ergonomics, textures, as well as a dedicated capture button.

In other Xbox console news, owners of the Series X console can soon dress those gaming devices up in themed wraps. October will see a Starfield console wrap launch, which makes the Xbox Series X look like a spaceship avionics module, and in November, there’ll be two camo wraps available.