Witchspring R Collector’s Edition Preorders Include A Soundtrack, Artbook, And More


Story-driven RPG Witchspring R launched last year on PC to surprising acclaim. The title has gathered enough steam that it’ll soon launch for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on September 3. The console version will be available in a physical edition of the game for both platforms, as well as a Collector’s Edition that comes with quite a few extra goodies—and both versions are up for preorder at Amazon and Best Buy right now.

The standard edition of Witchspring R runs $40, but the Collector’s Edition will cost you $120 if you want to spring for it. The Collector’s Edition is a pretty significant step up to match the price, with a mix of both physical items and digital goodies to augment your experience. Check the links below for where you can preorder.

If you’re not familiar, Witchspring R is a story-driven RPG starring Pieberry, a witch on the run from a group of soldiers as she ventures out to live with humans for the first time. The game is all about collecting and crafting; you’ll decide how to increase Pieberry’s skills by cooking meals using magical ingredients.

The game uses a turn-based combat system, and in addition to using magic spells and increasing Pieberry’s abilities, you can also recruit and train pets to aid you on your adventure. Training lets you focus on magical attributes for your pets so they’re useful in different situations. Witchspring R uses a painterly anime art style and sports a whole lot of voiced dialogue lines, although only the subtitles are in English.