Where To Buy Thymesia, A New Soulslike, For The Best Price


Thymesia, a challenging new soulslike, is available at a discounted price for the next few days. If you’re planning to pick up ths action-RPG, you’ll want to take a closer look at Fanatical’s promotion, which is listing the game for $19.49 and giving you a 5 percent off voucher for your next purchase. You’ll also get a second voucher as part of the ongoing Summer Sale, which is worth up to $50. Thymesia is regularly $25, so this is a pretty good deal.

Fanatical is offering Thymesia as a Steam key, making this an easy way to add another great title to your ever-growing library. You’ll also find the game available directly on Steam, although it’s only discounted to $22.49–and doesn’t come with any of the additional vouchers found through Fanatical.

Thymesia launched today (August 18), and the game is already impressing players with its great combat system that makes meaningful changes to the usual soulslike gameplay. For example, you can make use of a unique raven form while fighting to pelt enemies with daggers, interrupt their attacks, and swiftly move around the battlefield to improve your positioning. The story is just as bleak as you’d expect for the genre, with you stepping into the shoes of Corvus, a character that’s trying to save the kingdom by collecting fragmented memories and unraveling the truth about its collapse.

Our Thymesia review gave the game an 8/10, noting its intense combat and a unique talent system that lets you change your play style on the fly.

“Thymesia, a 3D action game that draws heavy influence from some specific From titles, manages to strike that balance successfully, creating a Souls-like that taps into the same rewarding moments provided by its biggest inspirations,” wrote critic Phil Hornshaw. “The game’s fast combat works exceedingly well, finding the same tough-but-rewarding cadence of both Sekiro and Bloodborne.”