Thymesia: How To Get All Endings


As is to be expected with most games in the soulslike genre, Thymesia comes packing more than one ending. As a matter of fact, this challenging action-RPG sports five total endings for you to go after if you want to see everything and unlock all of the game’s trophies. Worry not, however, as they’re all fairly easy to achieve without multiple playthroughs. We’ll tell you how to make it happen.

How to get all endings in Thymesia

First up, you’ll need to have completed all of the levels containing bosses to earn their unique cores, some of whom are in optional sub missions. Once you’ve defeated every boss and obtained their cores, you’ll have a final mission left where you’ll fight the final boss, and upon defeating them, you’ll be asked to choose two of the cores you’ve obtained to combine into an item required to unlock an ending.

Lucky for you, you aren’t required to beat the full game over and over again to get every ending. Instead, you can simply earn them all by taking down the final boss multiple times in a single playthrough. To accomplish this, beat the boss and select “No” when asked if the outcome was the truth to be taken back to Philosopher’s Hill. From here, you can fight the boss again to achieve a different ending, repeating the process until you’ve gotten all five. Here are all five endings and how to earn them.

Power of Vile Blood

Combine the Fool’s God Core and Sound of the Abyss Core.

Blessing of Pure Blood

Combine the Urd Core and Varg Core.

Harmonized Force

Combine the Mutated Odur Core and Hanged Queen Core.

Power of Cleansing

This one is easily missed. You’ll first combine the Mutated Odur Core and Hanged Queen Core like you did for the Harmonized Force ending. However, during the ending cutscene, hold up on the stick and Corvus will eventually walk forward just a bit, triggering an ending wherein the sacrifices himself.

Chaotic Power

For this ending, simply choose from any combination of cores that do not trigger other endings. For instance, choose the Hanged Queen Core and Varg Core for a quick and easy option.

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