This Cult Of The Lamb Figure Will Be The Leader Of Your Collection


If there’s one thing that your toy and collectibles shelf needs, it’s a leader. Specifically, a wooly and adorable little influence that secretly harbors dark designs to slay gods and isn’t afraid to sacrifice as many of its minions as needed to get the job done. Fans of Cult of the Lamb can add a point of authority to their shelves with this cute but deadly replica of the Lamb that’s on preorder at Amazon.

He sees everything.

Provided that you don’t mind waiting until April 24, 2024, this $40 figure from toy company Good Smile captures all the dark charm of the lamb, translating its in-game design into a 3D figure that’s just over five inches tall. It’s in a static non-poseable pose, but this replica of the Lamb has a game-accurate look to it, a bright splash of colors, and a set of eyes that are always watching you.

Good smile has even captured the menacing aura of the Lamb’s black crown, which is accentuated by a third eye–possibly an evil ocular organ, but an authentic one nonetheless.

This actually isn’t the first vinyl figure featuring the Lamb. A pair of officially licensed figures from Youtooz are available now at Amazon. You can pick up the Lamb or Possessed Lamb for $35 each.

If you’re after something more poseable and dynamic, also check out the Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 16 figures that are now up for preorder. These are bigger and fully articulated collectible figures, and the line includes heroes and villains like Clive Rosfield, Hugo Kupka, and Jill Warrick.