These Budget-Priced Monster Hunter Statue Collections Look Awesome


Capcom’s Monster Hunter games have some of the coolest beasts ever seen, but the tragedy here is that you can’t admire them as they tend to get homicidal when you intrude on their domain. Fortunately, there are some impressive upcoming Monster Hunter mini-statues that aren’t just safe to look at, you can even pick them up and admire them up close and personal. You can preorder this six-pack of 2.5-inch Monster Hunter figures for $42 (was $48) at Amazon ahead of the set’s June 26 release. This is just one of several Monster Hunter collectibles up for preorder on Amazon.

Monster Hunter Gallery Figure Set

Some of the most iconic monsters from Monster Hunter are featured in this set.

  • Rathalos
  • Mizutsune
  • Gore Magala
  • Malzeno
  • Magnamalo
  • Furious Rajang

Monster Hunter Gallery Figure Set

There is some overlap with the included monsters across each set.

If you’d like to assemble a small army of monsters, there’s also this other set of cute and compact figures to collect (shown above), although it does cost a little more at $64. These will be available starting June 19, and includes Rathalos, Mizutsune, Gore Magala, Malzena, Magai Magado, and Enraged Rajan.

More Monster Hunter Figure Preorders

Monster Hunter Cube Statues

Finally, we’ve listed a few more upcoming dragon statues below, in case you don’t want to have an entire zoo of mythical titans occupying your desk. Like the inaction figures above, you’re getting a small but surprisingly detailed replica of a Monster Hunter beast inside of some nicely designed packaging for only $22. They also come on their own unique base for that added touch of authenticity and they’re a few inches bigger as well. You can save a few bucks by preordering a bundle containing all four Monster Hunter statues. These are slated to arrive October 30.

Finally, there’s the Brachydios statue, a pricier but attention-grabbing replica that has been sculpted with amazing details and painted to make it stand out on your shelf. This PVC collectible stands about 6.8-inches tall, including the detailed base, and it’ll be released in January 2025.