The Division 2 Finally Launches On Steam, But To Mixed Reviews


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has officially launched on Steam but has already gained a Mixed player reviews tag due to some performance issues.

The Division 2 was originally released in 2019 for console and PC through Ubisoft’s Connect platform and the Epic Games Store. Still, January 12 saw the game finally make its way to Steam just like its 2016 predecessor.

However, one day later, the player reviews have the game sitting at Mixed, via The Gamer, due to its reportedly bugged state, lack of achievements and trading cards, and the requirement to install Ubisoft’s third-party client Connect. Out of 262 player reviews currently recorded on the Steam page, 62% are positive.

Though there are reports from players that the Steam version is littered with bugs, some are also experiencing crashes. One player let others know that the crashing is also an issue on PlayStation and Xbox, saying, “Game has a terrible crashing issue for the majority of the player-base that’s been going on for about 2 years now.

“People have tried fixing it themselves alongside Ubisoft Developers but all of the fixes seemed to be only temporary, a mere Windows Update or a Game Update could reintroduce the issue all over again, rendering the game unplayable for a lot of the players.”

The player goes on to list the positives of the game but lists many negative issues like the no achievement problem, the performance, the fact that end game content is locked behind DLC, and that it’s not compatible with Steam Deck. Ubisoft has yet to address these issues.

Ubisoft recently announced that Skull and Bones has been delayed once again.