Summoners War: Sky Arena Is Getting Five Cookie Run Characters In Crossover Event


Summoners War: Sky Arena, a turn-based mobile MMORPG launched in 2014, is getting a Cookie Run: Kingdom–the gacha game featuring anthropomorphic cookies–collaboration.

Starting August 28, Sky Arena players can obtain five characters from Cookie Run: Kingdom, including Gingerbrave, Hollyberry Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, and Espresso Cookie. Gingerbrave can be obtained through the event, and the rest can be summoned through gacha.

Cookie Run’s environments and enemies will also make a cameo in Sky Arena’s maps and special dungeons. According to Summoners War: Sky Arena’s official Facebook page, the exclusive collab building is called Jellybean farm–which upon getting tapped, will produce jelly beans. These jellybeans can be exchanged for special gifts, and if players collect one or more jelly beans everyday, they’ll get a Mystical Scroll each day as well.

Cookie Run: Kingdom was released in 2021 and features cookies with magical powers locked in a war of good and evil. Players get to build their own Cookie Kingdom and recruit cookies to participate in a variety of battles. The mobile game recently had a crossover with Disney, and cookie versions of iconic characters like Mickey Mouse showed up in-game. An original cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, had the ability to summon Disney cookies.