Starfield Players Discover Halo Easter Egg


Bethesda Game Studios space RPG Starfield has been out for over two months, and players are still discovering hidden Easter eggs. The latest one pays homage to one of Xbox’s oldest franchises.

Thanks to a video posted by Reddit user SamuRai_News24, we can see them use their jetpack to fly to the top of a silo. Once they get there, a skull can be seen in a fire within the silo. Although it isn’t outright said, this is a clear reference to Halo. Throughout each mainline story, players can find a series of skulls scattered around specific levels. Upon collecting them, they’ll then be rewarded with some augmentation they can enable in the settings.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in Starfield. Based on what was seen in the video, players can’t pick up the skull and can only view it. Although it’s unclear exactly where the player is, one Reddit user pointed out they’re somewhere on Europa based on their scanner.

This isn’t the only easter egg that can be found in Starfield. Since the game’s launch, players have discovered that you can unlock Skyrim’s Fus Ro Dah, find references to Lord of the Rings, and so much more.

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