Stardew Valley: Luau Festival Guide


The Luau takes place on Summer 11 every year in Stardew Valley, with the main event being the community potluck soup. You need to add an ingredient to the soup, which will have a drastic effect on the outcome of the Luau, depending on what you add to it. Of course, you can cause the soup to taste bad by adding a bad ingredient as well. Here’s what you should know about the Stardew Valey Luau.

The Luau potluck soup

You are required to add one ingredient to the soup, which has to be an edible item. There are five possible outcomes: great, good, neutral, bad, awful. The two positive responses will net you friendship points with the entire village, the neutral will have no impact, and the negative responses will lose you friendship points, making it very important not to mess up. You can tell what outcome you got by the Governor’s response to the soup. The Luau will automatically end after the Governor tries the soup.

The potluck soup is the main event of the Luau.

The easiest item to acquire in Summer for the best response is a Sturgeon, since it can be caught almost all day during Summer from the Mountain Lake. A smoked Sturgeon of Silver or higher quality or a regular Sturgeon of Gold or higher will get you the best possible response. If you arrive at the Luau without an item, the festival shop sells a normal quality Starfruit for 3,000G, which will net you a good response.

Great Response Items (must be Silver quality or higher)

  • Wine made from tree fruits (Apple, Banana, Orange, etc.
  • Smoked Fish that are somewhat rare (Sturgeon, Tiger Trout, Squid, etc.)
  • Some Animal Products (Goat Cheese, Goat Milk, Large Milk)

Governor’s response: “Oh my… that’s the best soup I’ve ever tasted!”

Good Response Items

  • Juice of any kind
  • Most Gold or higher Crops (the exceptions are listed in the negative responses)
  • Any pickled vegetable (except Pickled Spring Onion)
  • Rare Smoked fish of normal quality
  • Most Smoked Fish of Silver or higher quality
  • Tree Fruit of Gold or higher quality
  • Rare Fish of Gold or higher quality

Governor’s response: “Ah… that’s a very pleasant soup. The produce from this valley never disappoints!”

Neutral Response Items

  • Certain Crops (Blueberry, Bok Choy, Cranberry, Corn, Garlic, Grape, Green Bean, Hops, Hot Pepper, Parsnip, Potato, Radish, Tomato)
  • Wild Fruit (Plum, Horseradish, Leek, etc.)
  • Certain Fish and the Smoked version (Bream, Bullhead)
  • Not adding an item will cause a neutral response

Governor’s Response: “Hmm… I don’t have much to say about this. It’s an average soup.”

Bad Response

  • Fish: Anchovy, Carp, Green Algae, Herring, Sunfish, White Algae, Seaweed
  • Foraged foods: Blackberry, Crocus, Daffodil, Salmonberries (and wine), Spring Onion (and juice), Sweet Pea, Unmilled Rice (and juice)
  • Other items: Field Snack, Joja Cola

Governor’s Response: “Um… It’s actually kind of disgusting. I think I’ll pass on the soup this year.”

Worst Response:

  • Goby (regular and smoked)
  • Holly
  • Pufferfish (regular and smoked)
  • Red Mushroom
  • Sap
  • Scorpion Carp (regular and smoked)
  • Sea Cucumber (regular and smoked)
  • Void Egg
  • Void Mayonnaise

Governor’s Response: “Blech! This is vile! I think I’m going to be sick… I need to lie down…”

Luau Shop

Outside of speaking to every villager for unique dialogue and some Friendship points, you can purchase some unique items from the festival shop, most of which are decorations.

The festival shop sells:

  • Wall Palm – 1,000G
  • Jungle Decal – 800G
  • Ceiling Leaves – 400G
  • Totem Pole – 1,000G
  • Starfruit – 3,000G
  • Plain Torch – 700G