Star Wars TV Show Boss Has Advice For Tough Elden Ring Bosses: “You Have To Be Aggressive”


If you’re struggling to defeat the tough bosses in Elden Ring, the creator and showrunner of the Star Wars TV series The Acolyte has some advice: be aggressive.

Speaking to Inverse, Leslye Headland brought up Elden Ring in a conversation about Manny Jacinto’s character on The Acolyte. This story contains spoilers about The Acolyte.

Headland said Jacinto’s character, Qimir AKA The Stranger, is so skilled at fighting that he doesn’t wear armor. People pushed back on Headland’s decision to do this, but she stood her ground and said, “Why would you wear armor if you’re not going to get hit?” She said it’s similar to how immensely skilled some people are at Elden Ring.

“It’s like the Elden Ring costume. The Elden Bling. When you summon people, you always summon the people that aren’t wearing anything, and it’s like, ‘These people are f**king crazy.'”

Headland said the best way to defeat Elden Ring’s toughest bosses is to have full confidence, even if that means charging into battle instead of holding back and being more conservative in your approach.

“You have to go in with that offensive attitude, especially with those bosses. You can’t be getting back and panic-rolling. You have to be aggressive with them. You have to roll into things,” Headland said.

Elden Ring’s new expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, launched on June 21, adding a series of challenging new bosses to defeat. The expansion scored strong reviews, including a 10/10 from GameSpot, and sold 5 million copies right out of the gate. Looking ahead, George R.R. Martin recently teased an Elden Ring movie or TV series.