Sonic Superstars Is Already On Sale For $35 For Black Friday


The year just wouldn’t be complete without a Sonic game from Sega, and fortunately, 2023 has filled that particular need for blue speed. In case you missed it when it first came out, Sonic Superstars is a retro-inspired game featuring Sega’s favorite mascot, and it’s now on sale for $35 during Black Friday at Amazon. If Amazon sells out, Target also has the deal.

Sonic Superstars Black Friday deals

Like any other Sonic game, Sonic Superstars isn’t perfect. But where it has some annoying issues it more than makes up for them with a modern design that captures the spirit of the Sega Genesis games and updates them charming graphics. This game can also be played in cooperative multiplayer, and seeing the screen populated with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Tails makes for a surprisingly fun experience.

Even better, several other Sonic games are also on sale right now, including Sonic Origins Plus, a collection of Sonic’s greatest Game Gear hits, for only $20. You’ll also find Sonic Frontiers discounted to $30 on all platforms. One of the better Sonic games of recent memory, Sonic Frontiers is an ambitious 3D platformer with cathartic exploration and a soundtrack that has no business being that good whenever you start a boss fight.

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“Sonic Superstars is far from the best Sonic, and its flaws are both copious and obvious,” Heidi Kemps wrote in GameSpot’s Sonic Superstars review. “Despite this, there’s still that base Sonic high-speed platforming joy at its core, and those ultra-cool moments when it really sticks the landing with a funky new idea, unique surprise, or charming throwback to outshine the ways in which it trips over itself. After all, when you reach for the stars, sometimes you’ll overextend–but it makes those moments when you do seize glittering glory all the sweeter.”