Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Gaming Chairs And Standing Desks


Gaming chair manufacturer Mavix and its sibling company X-Chair are discounting several gaming chairs and standing desks and even giving away free accessories during both retailers’ Black Friday sales.

The sales include 20% off the Mavix M4, M5, M7, and M9 gaming chairs, and X-Chair’s office chairs like the X-Basic, XG-Wing, and X-Tech Ultimate, just to name a few. These chairs cost as low as $300 up to more than $2,000, so 20% off could mean hundreds in savings. To sweeten the deal, every chair purchase includes the Elemax massage pad accessory for free (normally $129).

Mavix M4 gaming chair and X-Chair X-Basic office chair

The chair deals aren’t the only products on sale. You can also get 10% off Mavix and X-Chair standing desk options–like Mavix’s Standing Desk with Cockpit Top or the X-Chair Standing Desk with 24-inch top–when you bundle it with a chair purchase. Combine the 10% standing desk discount with the 20% savings on chairs and a free Elemax massage pad, and you’re looking to save several hundred bucks on a new home office setup.

These special offers are available at both Mavix and X-Chair’s online stores through November 28, or until they’re out of stock.