Save $45 On An HDMI Cable That Upscales Nintendo Switch Graphics


4K TVs are great for playing Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 games, but anyone who’s tried to play a Nintendo Switch or an older HDMI-equipped console on a modern Ultra HD display has probably noticed lower-resolution games look… well, kinda bad. Stretching a lower-resolution image to the scale of a modern 4K TV can cause jaggies, shimmering, and other visual annoyances that harm the experience.

The good news is, there are devices that can upscale your console’s gameplay and smooth out those visual issues without impacting gameplay performance. One such device, the mCable from Marseille Inc., just happens to be

While the mCable comes in multiple lengths, the 36% discount only applies to the six-foot version. The price for the three-foot version is also reduced but only to $105 (normally $111) with the digital coupon included on the store page, while the nine-foot model is sold out. So unless the six-foot mCable won’t work for your setup, we definitely recommend grabbing it while it’s on sale at Amazon.

The mCable is similar to Marseille’s mClassic upscaler dongle, which can enhance HDMI gameplay to up to 1440p and 4K resolutions, and even upscale older consoles like the GameCube (which the mCable cannot do). You can check out the mClassic at Amazon.