Satisfactory Gets A 1.0 Release And Flushable Toilets In September


Coffee Stain Studios has revealed the launch date for its factory-building simulator, Satisfactory. After several years in development, the 1.0 version of Satisfactory will launch on September 10, and to mark the occasion, Coffee Stain has released a new trailer celebrating the release date and confirmation of a sought-after feature that will be added in the 1.0 release: premium plumbing. At long last, players will be able to tinker with adding an advanced flushing mechanism in their personal space. And that stain is not from coffee.

Satisfactory was first revealed in 2018 and made its early-access debut in 2019. Available initially on the Epic Games Store, it eventually made its way to Steam and it received several substantial updates–including a shift to Unreal Engine 5–alongside hundreds of smaller tweaks. If you haven’t heard of it, imagine a first-person take on Factorio where you string together machinery and assembly lines to exploit all the natural resources on an alien planet, like some sort of Rube Goldberg machine powered by late-stage capitalism.

Up to four players–or pioneers as they’re called in the game–can band together to turn a natural paradise into an industrial hub, although they’ll have to deal with hostile alien lifeforms and frequently research new technologies to keep their factories running. In early access, the game has sold over 5.5 million copies so far and it has built a dedicated community of pioneers.