Samsung Gaming Monitors Steeply Discounted In Amazon Memorial Day Sale


A bunch of Samsung monitors are featured in

While the above deals are best for gaming, there are plenty of other monitors on sale built for working or watching movies. You can, of course, play games on these monitors, too. Just be aware that most of these monitors lack built-in tech geared toward gaming and offer low refresh rates.

One of the better price cuts is for the Samsung 28-Inch ViewFinity, as it gets you a 4K display for just $200 (down from $350). There’s also the Samsung 34-Inch ViewFinity Ultrawide on sale for $250 (down from $380) if you want something large for a home office. The 27-inch M80C Smart Monitor, which comes with built-in support for streaming and other apps you’d normally find on TVs, is on sale for only $211.

On the bargain-basement side of things, you can get one of Samsung’s most popular general monitors, this 27-inch 1080p curved monitor, for only $140. And for the most affordable option in the entire sale, check out the 22-inch Essentials Monitor for only $85, nearly 50% off its list price.