Resident Evil Village Shadow Of Rose DLC – Where To Find The Three Masks


Resident Evil Village‘s DLC, The Winter’s Expansion is here, including additional Mercenaries content and a new short campaign to playthrough starring Ethan Winter’s daughter, Rose Winters. Shortly after the opening sequence of the DLC you will find yourself in Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, tasked with finding three masks to obtain a crystal. Here’s where you can find all three masks.

The Bronze Mask

The Bronze Mask can be found in the courtyard, but you need to unlock a new ability before you can grab it.

You start in the main hall where the statue puzzle is. From here, head to the dining room, which connects to the courtyard and the kitchen. The door to the courtyard is locked with a chain. You can find the bolt cutters in the back right area of the kitchen, which contains one enemy. Grab the bolt cutters and head into the courtyard. The Bronze Mask is actually in the center of the courtyard, but you need to unlock an ability first, so head to the left side of the courtyard and enter.

Inside you will head up a set of stairs and into a library where there are five enemies. There is a ton of goop on the ground that you need to avoid, limiting you to a single path through this area. The next room has a ton of goop on the floor, requiring you to head up some stairs and walk across the top of a bookshelf to knock over a ladder, which you can walk across to clear the room. The next area has a ladder, which you can climb into the attic. Head to the back left section to find a white glowing object, which gives Rose the ability to destroy red glowing bulbs, which will clear away some of the goop.

From here, backtrack to the courtyard and clear any bulbs you run into along the way to get supplies. In the courtyard, destroy the bulb and grab the mask. From here, return to the main hall.

The Silver Mask

In order to reach the Silver Mask, you will first need to head upstairs in the main hall, which you can now access by destroying some bulbs. You will need to head to the left side once you reach the top of the stairs. You will get ambushed by a number of enemies, including a big one you can’t fight. Instead, run through this area, following the glowing words into a room that locks you in. Head through the fireplace and up the stairs to find another glowing test tube, which gives Rose the power to stun enemies.

Head back out the locked door and to your immediate right there is a door. Inside this room on the table at the far end is the Monocular Key, which is needed. There are about five enemies here, but you don’t need to fight them. Grab it and head back down into the main hall. From here, head back to the courtyard and go to the back right corner, where you will find a door with a giant red eyeball on it. Unlock this door with the Monocular Key and head inside.

In order to unlock the basement, you need to activate the statues in order according to the text above the fireplace.

Go up the stairs and you will be in a hallway with a bunch of dead Rose clones. There is an enemy at the far end of the hall, but you need to head into the door halfway down the hall. This brings you into the bathroom where there are four statues you need to activate in order to open the next passageway. The order is Hanged, Sword, Drowned, Arrows, which correlates to front right, back left, front left, back right.

Once completed, the bath will open to the basement, which has a large enemy that is immune to bullets. There is one pipe bomb in here that you can damage it with, but don’t bother, there aren’t enough to kill it. Instead, you need to head to the left corner of the first room, clear a bulb, and head into a second room. In the second room, there is a path on the left side, but you need to approach it from the right side to clear another bulb. During this sequence the big monster is likely to notice you, at which point you need to run to the entrance and wait for it to reset.

After clearing the path you will crouch into a secluded area, where the Silver Mask is located at the top of the stairs. Once you grab it the big monster will come through the wall behind it and you will need to run back through the area out of the basement. There is some goop in this area you need to avoid, but sticking to the left side of both rooms will get you around it.

The Gold Mask

To reach the Gold Mask in the center of the goop you will need to drop some pianos to platform across.

Once you re-enter the bathroom, head into the hallway. A new door will be open and the old path out will be blocked. Head into the new room and through the double doors. Inside here is a painting of a snake, which you will need for a puzzle. Head through the next door and you will be back in the original hallway. Follow the path back to the courtyard. In the courtyard are a bunch of enemies and the big monster, but you can run past them to the main hall. In here, head upstairs and through the door at the top of the stairs.

Inside this room is a painting puzzle, where you must line-up the paintings so all of the predators face their prey. On the left side it goes Butterfly, Frog, Sheep and on the right side it goes Spider, Snake, Wolf. Completing this puzzle unlocks the Triocular Key. From here, head back towards the courtyard, but stop in the dining room. The Triocular Key can unlock the cabinet holding the shotgun, which you can grab now.

Run past the enemies in the courtyard to the door on the left side. Directly inside the door is another door with three red eyeballs on it. Open the door and head inside. You will find the gold mask in the center of the music room, surrounded by goop. To reach it there are three bulbs you must clear. First, head to the right side of the room, near the stage and look up at the balcony. After the first bulb is destroyed a piano will fall and four enemies will spawn. Use the piano to walk to the center of the room and clear a bulb, which makes a path upstairs. Head up stairs and find the final bulb on the far side of the balcony, behind one enemy. This drops the final piano. Grabbing the Gold Mask triggers a cutscene.

Reaching the statue

After a short cutscene you will be locked in a cell, tasked with finding the real bulbs in a room full of fakes in 90 seconds. The first one is located in the lower left of the room on the opposite side of the bars. There is no consequence to picking the wrong one, so don’t worry about it. The second one is in a broken wall inside the cell, behind an enemy. The third and final bulb is in the center of the ceiling on the outside of the bars.

Once cleared, the cell opens and you can navigate the underground area where there is only one normal enemy. Head forward and you will find yourself in the kitchen. Head through the dining hall and back into the main hall, where you can place the masks on the statue. Doing this leads to a boss fight, so make sure you are prepared.

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