Resident Evil 4 Remake Preorders Are Discounted For PC


Resident Evil 4’s highly anticipated remake releases in just one week. If you are excited to revisit one of the greatest action games of all time, there’s a preorder deal up for grabs at Fanatical that’s definitely worth considering. PC players can secure their Resident Evil 4 preorder for only $51 (down from $60). Fanatical is also selling the deluxe edition at a steep discount, cutting the price from $70 to $59.49.

In addition to the 15% discount, you’ll also receive a coupon for 5% off your next purchase at Fanatical. And since Fanatical is currently running its massive Spring Sale with thousands of game deals, you’ll get a scratchcard that will either contain an additional coupon code or a free Steam game.

Both editions of Resident Evil 4 come with the Gold Attaché Case and Handgun Ammo charm. Deluxe edition preorders also come with the Green Herb charm and Classic Attaché Case. Additionally, you get the following in-game content by opting for the deluxe edition:

  • Soundtrack swap: Listen to the original soundtrack instead of the updated score
  • Treasure Map expansion
  • Sentinel Nine weapon
  • Skull Shaker weapon
  • “Casual” costumes for Leon and Ashley
  • “Romantic” costumes for Leon and Ashley
  • “Hero” costume and filter for Leon
  • “Villain” costume and filter for Leon
  • Sporty sunglasses for Leon

Longtime fans will probably be particularly interested in the soundtrack swap bonus, as you’ll have the choice to play the remake with the original score instead. The Treasure Map expansion also sounds pretty cool. With it installed, there will be more treasures to find scattered throughout the game. You can find the location of these treasures on your map.

If you can’t wait till March 24 to check out the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can download a free demo dubbed the “Chainsaw Demo” on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Currently, there aren’t any discounts on console preorders, but you can get a free steelbook case with your preorder.

The remake earned a rare 10/10 in GameSpot’s Resident Evil 4 review. “Capcom has masterfully created a new version of a beloved game and continues to blaze a trail with its Resident Evil remakes,” critic Kurt Indovina wrote. “Like the Resident Evil 2 remake before it, the studio has used advancements in technology and design to modernize an iconic survival-horror and action game by placing emphasis on capturing the spirit of the original, and respectfully evoking the same sense of atmosphere and tone that the original developers aspired to.”

Disclosure: GameSpot and Fanatical are both owned by Fandom.