Rainbow Six Siege Will Launch A Counter-Strike-Style Skin Marketplace


Rainbow Six Siege is getting a skin marketplace where players can buy and sell skins amongst themselves a la Counter-Strike.

According to PC Gamer, all the transactions on the store will be with R6 Credits, Rainbow Six Siege’s premium currency. It’s unknown whether skins will have set prices or if players can set or negotiate prices amongst themselves. In theory, the restriction to R6 Credits means that the marketplace will be separate from Ubisoft’s NFT initiatives. PC Gamer attended a press briefing where Ubisoft said the marketplace would be available via browser and mobile, but did not mention in-game integration or Ubisoft’s own app.

It’s clearly unknown if Ubisoft will encourage or even allow a secondary market around buying and selling skins. If it’s possible to trade, for example, player-created markets are almost an inevitability. The similar “grey” market that developed around Counter-Strike has been a source of controversy, with gambling and match-fixing scandals, as well as substantial amounts of money changing hands. Ubisoft has not yet stated how or if it will work around these issues. The restriction to Siege’s R6 currency does mean that selling skins cannot extend out of the game, whereas skin-selling in Counter-Strike can pay out in other Steam purchases.

Ubisoft will hold a closed beta for the marketplace ahead of its launch sometime in 2024.