PSA: Marvel’s Avengers Is Just $4 Before Its Imminent Digital Delisting


Time is up for Marvel’s Avengers as it’ll be digitally discontinued after September 30. While the end is near for the Marvel live-service game, you can grab a copy of its definitive edition right now from the digital storefronts that host it, for as little as $4. That’s roughly the wholesale price of the purple pants that can barely contain the gamma-irradiated thighs of the Incredible Hulk after a slight flex.

For that price, you’re getting a substantial amount of content, as well as a pretty great single-player campaign mode. Essentially a story mode that chronicles the rise of Miss Marvel while giving ample time for Marvel heavy-hitters like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and the Hulk to shine, the Avengers campaign is a fun romp across big set-piece moments in which you clobber your way through the robotic hordes, mercenaries, and rogue scientists on the Advanced Idea Mechanics payroll.

“Avengers feels like two separate games smashed together, and while they don’t always sync up, both parts are linked by deep, intelligent combat spread across varied heroes,” Phil Hornshaw wrote in GameSpot’s Marvel’s Avengers review in 2020. After launch, Crystal Dynamics fleshed out its Avengers game with Hawkeye and Black Panther expansions, while new characters like Spider-Man, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, and the Winter Soldier were eventually added.

With the definitive edition, you’re also getting a SHIELD Helicarrier’s worth of DLC and cosmetics–that would have cost you much more originally–so you can dress Earth’s mightiest mortals up in outfits that are inspired by their cinematic and comic book counterparts. While the digital version is facing the Thanos Snap of delisting at the end of the month, you can still find physical copies of Marvel’s Avengers easily. GameStop is currently running a promotion for copies that are available for as low as $5.

Crystal Dynamics first announced that it would be ending support for Marvel’s Avengers in January and its final major patch went live in March. The Marketplace was unlocked in that update and made almost all outfits, emotes, takedowns, and nameplates available to all players, removed shipments and Hero Challenge cards, converted all credits, and added a number of bug fixes, combat improvements, and other gameplay changes. These game changes introduced a greater sense of power to the DNA of the game, making every Avenger feel like a force of nature instead of being hamstrung by the live-service elements.

While Marvel’s Avengers is calling it a day, other games set in the Marvel multiverse are on the way. Insomniac has Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releasing on October 20 and a Wolverine game in development, EA is working on an Iron Man game, and Uncharted director Amy Hennig is leading development on a Captain America and Black Panther video game through Skydance Media.