PS5 Owners Can Now Get Six Months Of Apple Music For Free


Ahead of the winter holidays, Sony has announced a new special offer for PS5 owners: six months of Apple Music for free. The gift is available to claim for almost an entire year–through November 15, 2024–with the subscription service featuring over 100 million songs.

The PlayStation website notes that only “new and qualified returning subscribers” to Apple Music can grab this offer. If you meet that criteria, just download the app on your PS5 and read the directions.

Sony has also been sweetening the deal for potential new PS5 owners with a couple of cool bundles. For instance, Amazon has a slim PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle for only $500 (usually costs $560). There is also a slim PS5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundle at retailers for the same $500 price point. Both of these packages could possibly wind up as the best deals this holiday season.

The new slim PS5 models arrived this month, with one sporting a Blu-ray disc drive and the other being an all-digital edition. However, Sony is now selling a standalone $70 disc drive that can be attached to the digital PS5 model.

PS5 was the best-selling system in October for the US market. Globally, Sony is aiming to hit a huge fiscal year target of 25 million systems sold.