Pokemon Lite-Brite Toy Is Super-Effective At Being Charming, Available Now


Only cool kids play with Lite-Brite toys which allow their imagination to shine with the unbridled power of neatly arranged LEDs, but really cool kids play with Pokemon Lite-Brites. That’s right, ahead of the many early Black Friday sales happening right now, you can illuminate your life with this cheerful and officially licensed Pokemon edition of the classic Lite-Brite that just launched.

Pokemon Lite-Brite

Available for $25, this brand-new toy is a high-definition light grid that is brighter and better than ever as it has double the LEDs and thus double the definition. You’ll get six high-definition Pokemon templates with this special-edition Lite-Bright, allowing you to create charming designs featuring Piakchu and several Poke Balls. Simply place your favorite template under the grid, start inserting the right pegs, and congratulations! You’ve created some adorable art.

This set comes with 1,000 mini-pegs, four light modes, and a USB port so that you brighten up the home with your designs.

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There are also be several Pokemon accessories on sale, so don’t miss out on a chance to grab a Hori Split Pad Compact with Gengar style for $43 or a regular Split Pad with Pokemon Legends: Arceus artwork for $38.