Pokemon Go June 2024 Events: Raids, Spotlight Hours, Community Days, And More


Pokemon Go’s first major event of June is called Slumbering Sands, and it runs from June 7-12. Throughout the event, summery and sleepy Pokemon like Slowpoke, Drowzee, Munna, and Komala will appear in the wild more frequently, and you’ll have your first chance to catch special visor-wearing versions of Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking.

In addition to the featured monsters, players will earn double XP for catching Pokemon throughout the event. There will also be special event-themed Field Research tasks, which will dole out various rewards including additional Pokemon encounters.

Goomy Community Day

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Pokemon Go will host not one, but two Community Days during June.

The first is scheduled for Sunday, June 9 and features the adorable dragon Pokemon Goomy. From 2-5 PM local time, Goomy will spawn in the wild much more frequently than usual, and you’ll have more chances to encounter a Shiny Goomy. Following the event proper, Goomy’s evolved form Sliggoo will appear as a four-star raid boss from 5-10 PM local time.

On top of that, various bonuses will be available during the Goomy Community Day event. Lure Modules and Incense will last for three hours rather than their usual duration, and you’ll earn double candy and triple Stardust for catching Pokemon. Finally, any Sliggoo that you evolve into Goodra between 2-10 PM local time will learn the special Charged Attack Thunder Punch.

Cyndaquil Community Day Classic

Later in the month, Pokemon Go will host another Community Day Classic. This rerun event takes place on Saturday, June 22, and gives players another chance to catch the fire type Pokemon Cyndaquil.

From 2-5 PM local time on the day of the event, Cyndaquil will be appearing in the wild more frequently than usual. Not only that, but various bonuses will be available as well, including increased duration for Incense and Lure Modules, double catch XP, and double catch Stardust. In addition, any Quilava that you evolve into Typhlosion between 2-7 PM local time will learn the fire-type Charged Attack Blast Burn.

Raid Day

Before June ends, Pokemon Go will host a special Raid Day on June 29. Niantic has not yet announced which Pokemon will appear during the event, but the studio has teased that Mega Rayquaza will make a return sometime in June, making the dragon Pokemon a likely candidate.

There are still more events on the horizon for Pokemon Go, including Pokemon Go Fest 2024. This year, Go Fest will introduce the legendary Pokemon Necrozma, and it’ll take place across multiple dates and locations, capping off with a global virtual event in July.