Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero Deluxe Edition Includes A Digital Soundtrack And Unique Box Art


Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero was revealed during June’s Nintendo Direct, giving fans of the series their first look at this quirky strategy RPG from the makers of Disgaea that’s set to launch on PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2025. Ahead of its arrival, you can now preorder Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero Deluxe Edition, which comes with a few collectibles. Here’s everything you need to know before placing a preorder.

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero Preorder Bonuses

There are currently no preorder bonuses for Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero. The game doesn’t yet have a firm release date, so it’s possible preorder bonuses could be revealed once a specific date is set. We’ll be sure to update this section if anything is announced.

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero is a strategy RPG that follows the game’s heroine, Marona, venturing out to save her friend, Ash. Along the way, she’ll use a special power to interact with phantoms scattered through the world, enabling her to unleash unique abilities in combat. Throughout the journey, you’ll meet over 50 characters and attempt to master over 300 skills–giving you plenty of ways to customize your fighting style. Toss in a tactical turn-based system that uses free movement on a gridless map, and you’ve got a strategic RPG that’s shaping up to be a great successor to the original Phantom Brave from 2004.